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ConfiDental Membership Offer

$299/mo + $500 SmartJaw & Implant Kit

ConfiDental is giving dentists the tools and confidence to expand their skill set and grow their practice.

Is more than one person taking this course? If you are a dental office and need to make multiple course purchases, please contact us at hello@getconfidental.com

Please note: The ConfiDental course is $3,588 divided over 12 equal monthly payments, plus the $500 model and implant set-up fee. 

What you'll get:

  • Access to implant courses taught from certified dental professionals.
  • SmartJaw Model, with the ability to perform 32 implants.
  • Implants and surgical drills needed for a variety of procedures.

Course Content Map:

  • Module 1: Single Implant Placement with Soft Tissue Punch Technique
  • Module 2: Single Tooth Implant Placement with a Mini-Envelope Flap Technique
  • Module 3: Placement of Two Implants Simultaneously Using a Crestal Incision
  • Module 4: Placement of 4 Implants Simultaneously with Fully Reflected Crestal Incision and Alveoplasty

What People Are Saying:

“I loved the program. Dr. Guy is a tremendous teacher. The models are great!”

Dr. Doan, DDS

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This is a 1 year subscription charged monthly.

*Our setup fee is the cost of the SmartJaw model.