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Add up to $500K in revenue to your dental practice

ConfiDental gives dentists the confidence to expand their skill set and grow their practice through
virtual, hands-on surgical implant training.

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How it Works

Register with Ease

Registration is easy! Tell us how many dentists will be learning, what tools you have in your practice already, and we will send you a kit with everything you need.

Gather Your Team

Set aside your normal development days and get your team together. We highly recommend the dentist, assistants, and hygienists learning side-by-side as this helps better prepare your practice.

Get ConfiDental

Place 32 implants, gaining confidence as you go. You’re ready to tackle the next step of growth in your practice! Upload a radiographic image of the SmartJaw models after you have placed the implants and we will go over the results with you.

Digital Learning, Real-World Results

With ConfiDental, dentists get immediate access to virtual, hands-on surgical training courses. Our courses come with SmartJaw: realistic jaw models used for placing 32 implants, giving you a realistic feel and experience. Our models contain density-accurate layers of bone and soft tissue, providing the best surgical simulation available anywhere. From initial incision, to osteotomy, to implant placement, to sutureSmartJaw is quite simply an exceptional surgical experience. Our sets include the following pieces: Lower hard tissue, Upper hard tissue, Upper hard + soft tissue, and Lower hard + soft tissue.

Earn More for Your Practice

By becoming skilled in surgical implants, you open doors to new opportunities and offerings that your practice can capitalize on. Keep the clients you’ve built relationships with by offering more services and gain the revenue you deserve.

More Time Gained, No Money Wasted

Lost time equals lost money. ConfiDental removes the need for closing your practice to send your team to out-of-state training sessions, taking away time that is both scarce and precious to your business.

Efficient Team Training

Our implant training is done virtually, so you can train your whole surgical team during downtime, allowing you to keep your practice moving forward, with the time and money to do more.

Virtual, Self-Paced Learning

ConfiDental’s SmartJaw models are realistic, high-quality, and allow you to feel each step of the implant process in actual detail. Our courses are professionally taught by certified dentists so you can learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own practice.

Introduction to the Course


"I liked how you could get a physical feel for the different tissue layers. You could feel moving from denser to less dense cortical bone."

Dr. Tyson Lebedoff

"I loved the program. Dr. Guy is a tremendous teacher. The models are great! "

—Xuyen Doan

Dental education for a new age. Discover the ConfiDental difference today.

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